The Next Step: Our Focus on User Friendliness

Our previous blog, “So, What do you Think? Helping us Serve you Better Online” explains how we’re undertaking a research project to improve Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure websites for you. The big focus is how well our online services work and the experience you have when you visit our websites.

Well, we’re happy to report that the first set of data is being organized. After collecting your feedback from surveys, phone interviews, web analytics, emails and interviews, and the variety of stories you shared with us, we have the direction we need to start tackling some of the challenges identified.

Here are some of the stories we’ve heard: The travelling public across most of B.C. let us know that DriveBC is a popular travel planning tool (especially in the colder months) and that everyone wants to see webcams, webcams, and more webcams. On the business side of things, we heard from transport companies and dispatching staff about how DriveBC helps them stay informed about road conditions to help with fleet movement and planning. Accurate and timely info is very important to them. Suggestions from engineers and land surveyors showed us how improvements could be made to technical documents that are difficult to find online. We listened to truckers and weigh scale staff talk about information and permits they look for online in order to get their trucks moving. The more we listened to you, the more we learned. Most importantly, we gained an understanding of how everyone who uses ministry services online, needs to access them quickly and easily so they can get their jobs done.

Our next step will be to use your feedback to define a plan of action that will improve our online services and usability. The list was long, and so is the road ahead, but we are excited that we are one step closer to making your online experience with us a better one.

P.S. We’re still very curious about what you have to say. Please let us know what you use our ministry websites for and how can we improve them to serve you better: Tell TranBC

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