Paving the Path to Fitness – How We’re Making Exercise Easier

With the world tuning in to watch the London 2012 Olympic Games, there is a lot of interest in physical fitness. And, believe it or not, it’s an important focus for us, too. You probably won’t see us running the decathlon any time soon, but we are doing our bit to make it easier for people to get exercise.

We’re doing the things you might expect, like widening shoulders and putting in bike lanes to encourage more people to walk or ride their bike, but we’re involved in a lot of other “athletic” projects as well, especially through our Infrastructure Branch. That’s how we help communities secure funding to improve their facilities or even build new ones. Like the City Centre Park Sports Plex in Langford, for example, which provided a new ice arena and a 10 pin bowling venue. Or Pemberton’s skate and bike skills park – a place for skaters and cyclists alike to develop their skills or just get out and have some fun. There’s also the recreation centre for Fort Nelson, which saw a new ice arena, viewing area and office space for the community, or the Tournament Capital Ranch in Kamloops. Here’s a quick list of some of the other athletic projects we’ve been involved in recently:

Central Saanich: The Boulders climbing gym expansion added a 60 ft high world-class competition climbing wall and cross-training space to the existing gym.

Enderby & District: A sports complex upgrade brought in new fire safety measures, better heating and lighting systems and a new roof for the facility.

Kelowna: The active transportation network project saw construction of a series of multi-use pathways and sidewalks, connecting key areas of Kelowna and forming the core of the City’s Active Transportation Network.

Pitt Meadows: Artificial turf playing field construction brought a new playing field, bleachers and jogging trail to the area.

Surrey: Key links in the Surrey bicycle network were completed by building two cycling/pedestrian overpasses and 11 bicycle paths.

Projects like these are an important resource for communities. Not only do they help folks maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, but they also provide youth the chance to explore new opportunities and develop their skills. Who knows? That child you see chasing his ball on the field could well be a future soccer coach, a track star or even an Olympic athlete.

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