More Time and Flexibility: Extra Ordinary Load Permit Approvals get Streamlined

Over sized loads TruckingCommercial truckers might think that applying for time extensions on expired extraordinary load permit approvals could sometimes slow you down. But thanks to some recent streamlining in our approval process, hauling your heavy load just got a little bit easier. The Ministry has improved its tracking capability on over weight permit approvals, allowing them to increase their approval time limit from 30 days to 90! This change should reduce the number of requests for time extensions by 90 percent, providing carriers with more flexibility to schedule their loads while increasing industry and government efficiency – always a good thing.

Who reviews the applications for approval and why?

Our bridge engineering experts evaluate bridge load capacities along proposed overweight travel routes for their ability to carry extraordinary loads and grants approvals based on their findings. Last thing we want is a bridge being damage due to excessive loading. Due to the many, many different load configurations used by industry, the bridge often have to be assessed to determine the point loading for each different configuration. This is why we can’t just blanket approve bridge for a specific weight of load. How you load is as important as what you load … so to speak.

This review makes sure that overweight loads can safely be accommodated on their journey. Approvals outline bridge crossing restrictions based on vehicle configuration and route. The Ministry issues permits for these loads to the carriers who have applied based on the approvals given by our bridge engineers.

Over sized loadsWhy does an increased time limit mean more efficiency?

Overweight loads requiring a bridge review often have a long road to travel before they get to our highways. As you can imagine, the time and effort required to move overweight loads is huge in every sense of the word. They come from foreign ports or even from the other side of the continent! There are often unforeseen problems that arise in routing and these problems often delay the expected arrival of overweight loads to our province. The new 90 day approval is just one of the improvements we are making to reduce the time required to obtain extraordinary load permits. More to come on this topic….

By increasing the time limit on our approvals, we are giving these loads a little breathing room. Sort of like wearing stretchy pants during the holidays, a plus for everyone.

This story also translated into Punjabi.

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