‘Tis the Season of Sharing…Your Ideas

crowdsourcing ideas for new blogs

What interests YOU about transportation?

We talk about a lot of things here at TranBC. We’ve covered topics as diverse as current projects, winter safety, commercial trucking and even science fairs and invasive plants.

Roads and bridges may be our bread and butter, but we’re doing a lot more, and we’d like to talk about that, too. But what we really want to do is tell the stories that interest you.

Maybe you’re a professional driver who wants the latest scoop on permit applications, or maybe you’re interested in the projects we’re working on in your community. Maybe you want to find out more about webcams, bridges, maintenance, paving, construction, engineering, design or some other topic. Whatever your focus might be, we want to hear about it. What do you want us to talk about? What pictures or videos do you want do see?

Send us a message on Twitter, leave a comment or two on Facebook, or go to our Flickr or YouTube accounts and let us know what you think.

The more we hear from you, the better service we can provide. So let’s be social and work together to build the content you want to see.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Hello, I am writing an email I meant to write two years ago about a section of the Sea to Sky highway and since then people have died. It is the stretch of highway north of Lions Bay where the 60 km speed limit changes to 90km for only several hundred metres going uphill just before a series of speed reduced corners going downhill. It was bad enough when the signs uselessly marked 80km for those few hundred metres and now it is worse with the 90km signs. This is after miles of 60km speed limits going north out of Lions Bay. Why have people think it’s time for regular highway speeds when they have to almost immediately slow down for the next section of curves?

    The first downhill curve is slightly off camber and is marked by a small sign that used to say 50km with a small windy arrow, and now the speed has even been raised I believe. I myself, having driven that highway hundreds of times as a twenty year Whistler resident, caught myself going too fast around that corner when the highway was first upgraded. There are multiple signs along the road saying “do not stop”, “falling rock”, etc. before that first turn, so the small 50km (or,higher now) sign with small windy arrow is almost lost in among them all. If someone hits the first turn too fast and is unable to pull back, the next series of turns is going to cause them real trouble, as it did those UBC students in late 2013.

    I think two changes would improve the situation:
    Do NOT raise the speed limit from the 60km that runs north of Lioms Bay until AFTER all those corners.
    Make the sign to reduce speed LARGER for the first corner, and make it 50km, not more.

    I had my daughter make a short video on my phone as I was driving in that area which I had intended to email to you along with these comments two years ago. If you give me your email address, I would be happy to send it to you.

    Jane Reid

    • Hi Jane,
      Thanks for your comment. I’ve passed along your email and your feedback to the Lower Mainland district office. The local traffic engineering and highways manager will be in touch.