Why are Some Roads Plowed More Than Others?

Removing winter debris
Plowing Through

When winter hits, we need to make sure we keep our roads as clear as possible. That usually means we focus on high priorities, like the major routes, because those are the ones used by emergency services and the majority of traffic.

Sometimes when the snow is falling fast, it can build up quickly again right after the plow passes. In those cases, it’s not uncommon to see those higher-priority routes plowed several times before we can turn our attention to other areas with lower traffic volumes.

With thousands of kilometres of roads to look after, it can be a real challenge to keep up with clearing the snow. But using our priority approach allows us to make the best use of our resources and keep our roads as safe and reliable as possible.

If you’re wondering why it’s taking a while to get a plow along your road this winter, you can always give your local maintenance contractor a call. But please, be patient. Clearing the road to safety is “snow easy” task.

If you do find yourself waiting for your road to be plowed, there are some steps you can take to make your own snow clearing easier.

  • Once the snow appears, try to shovel your driveway as soon as possible, and keep it as clear as you can. Leaving the snow to accumulate will not only make the job harder in the long run, it’ll also give the snow a chance to compact and turn to ice, which will be much harder to remove.
  • When you’ve cleared a path to the road, shovel a bit along the shoulder, too. That will give the snow pushed by the plow a place to go, and you’ll end up with less blocking your driveway.

With all the work put into keeping things clear, winter can be a beautiful, if not tiring time of year. But working together, we can make it easier for everyone to get around in winter’s wonderland.

TranBC Trivia: Every year, our maintenance contractors plow the equivalent of more than 2.8 million km of road.

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  1. It needs to be clarified for some people that when they clear their own driveway to clear the snow off the road on the side the plow is coming from and push that snow to the other side so the plow will take it away and not push it back on your driveway.
    I live out in the country and I see this error being made year after year.