Community Safety Enhancements

Coming To A Community Near You!

If you have recently driven through Kiskatinaw you may have noticed a welcome addition to the rest area, new toilets; or the improved intersection lighting on Highway 16 at Lower Mud River Road; or perhaps the many, many new reflectors along Highway 1 through the Fraser Valley… to name just a few. These improvements are part of our new Community Safety Enhancement program.

This is a new program aimed at improving the little things that make a massive difference to local road users. Many of the ideas for these improvements come from people just like you and local community representatives. They may not be as big as twinning the Port Mann or as four laning to Prince George, but they definitely matter just the same.

To-date, this season we have completed thirty-one community safety enhancement projects across BC. We have another nineteen underway and soon to be complete. Have a look for one near you and check it out next time on your drive. It’s just one of the many things we do to move you safely.

Project Complete Project Soon to be Complete
Recessed Reflector Enhancements Highway 1 Garibaldi Park Road Recreation Area Improvements
Recessed Reflector Enhancements Highway 9 Lynn Valley Road Cycling Improvements
Roadside Delineation Enhancements Highway 101 Mission Area Surface Improvements
Recessed Reflector Enhancements Highway 7 Cobble Hill Traffic Signal Improvements Highway 1
Sooke Crosswalk Improvements Beacon Avenue Traffic Signal Improvements Highway 17
Flood Mitigations Highway 14 Departure Bay Road Traffic Signal Improvements Highway 19A
Traffic Signal Improvements Highway 14 Pedestrian Traffic Island Improvements Highway 19A
Bridge Deck Drain Enhancements Sooke River Bridge Radium Pedestrian Crosswalk Improvements
Revelstoke Pedestrian Crossing Improvements West Kelowna Left Turn Signal Improvements
Enhancements Pavement Markings Highway 3A Salmon Arm Left Turn Signal Improvements
Osoyoos Pedestrian Crossing Improvements Voght Street Intersection Improvements
Intersection Improvements Highway 97 & Beaver Lake Road Highway 1 & 97 Left Turn Signal Improvements
Traffic Signal Installation Highway 97 & Clement Crescent Wonowon Lighting Improvements Highway 97
Flashing Beacon Installation Highway 97 & McLeod Highway 16 Signage Improvements
Cottonwood Signal Improvements Prince George Intersection Improvement Highway 97
100 Mile School Bus Pullout Installations Prince George Area Shoulder Improvements
Walkway Improvements to Forest Grove School Speed Management Strategy Old Cariboo Highway
Golden Arterial Safety Improvements Cannery Road Improvements
Kiskatinaw Rest Area Improvements Signage Improvements Highway 37S
Peace View Rest Area Improvements
Fort Nelson River Rest Area Improvements
Beaverly Area Sideroad lighting Highway 16
Cycling Improvements Highway 16
Coalmine Road Speed Board Sign Installation
Industrial Park Lighting Improvements Highway 16
Massett Area Lighting Improvements
Speed Reader Broad Installation Highway 16 West
Hankin Intersection Improvements Highway 16

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