Highway Driving in BC: Take a Break and Rest Awhile!

Safe driving on long trips means taking regular breaks to rest your mind and body.

Driver fatigue is a major cause of vehicle crashes, so try to take a 15-minute break about every two hours. Stretch your legs, move around and revive. Have a beverage (non-alcoholic, of course) and maybe something to eat.

Whenever you’re on the road, watch for signs of fatigue like:

  • tired eyes
  • wandering concentration
  • yawning
  • drowsiness
  • restlessness
  • slow reaction time
  • over-steering

Across the province, the ministry has about 170 rest areas, for you to take a short break. All of our rest areas are equipped with garbage cans and toilets – ranging from classic rustic pit toilets, to compost toilets, to full-flush facilities. The majority have picnic tables and some rest areas even have trails, scenic lookouts, WiFi  or electric vehicle charging stations.

Our rest area web page offers details for each rest area and its facilities. This includes helpful information for drivers of commercial vehicles or RVs, like whether large vehicles can be accommodated, and if there are acceleration and deceleration lanes.

Hover your mouse over rest area icons on the rest area webpage’s map, for details like this.

The DriveBC map also has an option to display rest areas, so you can identify them along your route. Click on the “Provincial Rest Areas” icon on the legend on the right of the page, and all the rest areas will appear on the map.

In addition to highway rest areas, a great place to take a break from the road is a provincial park. Many are not far off the highway. They provide not only the amenities of a rest area, but usually running water, short trails and sometimes even a lake in which to take a refreshing plunge.

So, if you’re feeling groggy, it’s time to get off the highway and recharge! Take care out there folks and enjoy the drive!

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  1. Improvements needed:

    The NC GIV’t should take notice to a few testers at BRADNER REST STOP:

    The RV’s are too large in the front, one at the west end is harassing tired travellers. It has Quebec plates, but an older female is there, unwilling to call the police. They yell outmost of the night, it is obnoxious.

    The east side has a bunch of garbage and individuals are scared to walk to the bathroom. Can these large rigs go through the back?

    I had to utilize the water in feb2020 and had my starter zapped, some big tall dark haired male with glasses stared. The starter was also zapped at Kelowna, then ordered to talk to someone else other than my fiancé! The dead bodies near HOPE, BC STARTED AROUND THEN TOO!

    It is to be expected to have Rv’s and strange men, but abusive yelling, but the disarray for other guests is too dirty, get somebody to organize this up. The bathroom has no hooks for purses ( side not door), if the door closes at all.

    That east RV HAS TO MOVE TO THE BACK, the threats are too much! The paths lead to god only knows what. Don’t be liable!

    • Hello April – thanks for sharing your concern with us here.

      We are aware of ongoing issues with camping at this (and many other areas) across the province. The Bradner Rest Area and Cole Rd Rest Area (also situated within the Abbotsford area) continue to experience an unprecedented challenge with homelessness at this time. Efforts are made regularly by our staff and the BC RCMP to remove any unsightly conditions and encampments at the site. Unfortunately, as one individual is moved out, another moves in shortly thereafter. We continue to work with our maintenance contractors and BC RCMP to remove overnight stays. The behaviour of those who choose to over stay their welcome at our rest areas is being monitored and reported to police, as MOTI staff does not have enforcement capabilities.

      The reality of these areas is that the transient individuals that frequent them are genuinely homeless people with no place to go essentially, which is exacerbated with current COVID protocols. This cycle unfortunately speaks to the current social environment rather than a lack of efforts from the ministry. The Fraser Valley has been inundated with a large homeless population that is ever expanding daily for a multitude of reasons including opioid and housing crisis. Motorists who feel unsafe or witness behavior unbecoming to a provincial rest area are encouraged to please contact local law enforcement immediately.

      The ministry is currently reviewing design upgrades for the Bradner Rest Area as it relates to the Hwy 1 expansion project from 264th to Whatcom Rd. and this will aid in providing a better experience to users. We hope to break ground on this work as early as this spring/summer 2022. We hope that this helps answer some of your questions. It is not an easy or pleasant situation all around and we appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns with us here.

      Thanks again for connecting with us here and safe travels.

  2. Hello.
    I went to Arbutus Rest area in Oct 4, 2021 and the pit toilet are very smelly while I Come in the building and I’m very disappointed.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Harry – we are sorry to hear this. We will share this concern forward, but if you ever notice anything like this on BC highways that causes you concern, you can report the issue to our Report A Problem site here: https://drivebc.ca/rahp/

      Thank you for looping us in!

  3. Why are people parking overnight and for long periods in a public rest area camping when big transport truck come to park to use rest area but can park cause rv are taking up all the big parking lots

    • Hello Nichola,

      Thanks for your comment. Is there a rest area in particular that you are concerned about? That will help us follow up. 🙂

  4. We are driving from Victoria to Port McNeil soon and are trying to stay as COVID safe as possible which means we want to use rest areas for “breaks” and stay away from having to enter an establishment. I cannot find info an where the rest stops are located on the highways north. Can you help?

    • Hi Donald – thanks for your comment.

      There are a few rest areas along the island, heading north.

      Malahat Summit
      Cobble Hill
      Buckley Bay
      Oyster River
      Roberts Lake
      Keta Lake
      Eve River
      Misty Lake

      Rest Area information is available as a layer of information on the DriveBC.ca map. Simply select Provincial Rest Area information on the legend and it will populate the map with the rest area icon. Clicking on individual icons will show you what facilities are available at each and in which direction the rest area can be accessed. We hope that this is helpful. Safe travels!

  5. No WIFI at any of the rest stops in the lower part of the province. Oh, Telus signs everywhere say that there is. So do the Provincial signs along Hwy 1.Yes when you get here, you discover the signs LIE. NO wifi and the bathroom stall doors do not lock. They have been broken for months.

    • Hi there Mike,

      Thanks for your comment – we’re sorry to hear you are having a hard time connecting to the Wi-fi. We have sent your message to our staff responsible and will let you know what we hear back.

  6. We are driving westbound between Peachland and Merrit. Loony lake rest stop has the rest stop sign and to the right there is a green circle with the letters RV. What does this mean?

    • Good afternoon Leslie – thanks for your message. The sign sounds like an RV accessible indicator. The Loon Lake Rest Area is a modern “Class A” facility with running water and flush toilets. It features a contemporary design, separate parking locations for passenger, commercial and recreational vehicles, and a landscaped outdoor area with picnic tables. Hope that this helps!

  7. How about a list of all rest areas that allow and 10 hour rest stop due to age, Covid – 19 and not in just in BC but all of Canada. Ontario does not designate that a Rest stop is in close proximety like in BC we show a sign that one is approaching in so many Km’s ahead. All rest stops should show when they are approaching and these should all be free of charge.

    • Hello there – thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, rest areas are not meant for overnight camping, rather only for a few hours of rest before moving on. These sites are often very remote and would be difficult for staff to monitor. If you would like to spend the night while travelling in BC, we encourage you to check in with BC Parks for overnight stays. They have the facilities and staff for you. Here’s a link to their site: http://bcparks.ca/

  8. There is a MOTI pull out (not rest area) adjacent to the entrance of our private property. We have constant problems with people camping, often for several nights, or longer on this pull out. There are issues with them blocking access to our property, leaving garbage and feces, having illegal campfires, etc. Who can I contact at MOTI to further discuss this issue in a less public forum?

  9. I lost my keys at “The last spike” they have both my boyfriends keys and my keys. If someone could contact me in regard to this. Because i have been trying since i got back. And no where is helping

    • Hi Megan. Bummer! I called this in to our maintenance contractor for this service area (SA 12). Here is their contact information:
      Service Area 12 – Selkirk (Revelstoke – Golden)
      EMCON Services Inc
      1 866 353-3136

  10. Hello. I was looking at the map of rest areas [https://www.th.gov.bc.ca/restareas/?] and I didn’t see any for the entire stretch of 97 from the last one at mile 80 all the way to the Yukon border? Is this a glitch of some kind? Google maps shows one at km 536, but it is not on your website either.

    Also, there was mention earlier of a kmz file. Anything you have on the Alaska Highway and the Stuart Cassiar [37] would be awesome. I am driving in winter and trying to decide which route to take. Many thanks!

  11. Hello, Would u generally say that BC rest areas are safe for a family for a short stay during day or night? Thank you!

  12. I am going to be traveling from Kelowna, BC thru to Grande Pararie Alberta the first of Aug this summer. I am not a “experienced” driver that much lol I am wondering if there is somewhere I can get the names of all the rest stops on the way. And is there somewhere I can find the list of gas stations on this highway. I am from New Brunswick and have never driving out this way before.

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for connecting with us here. Sounds like you are heading off onto a big adventure.
      BC Rest Areas can all be found on the map at this page: https://www.th.gov.bc.ca/restareas/
      If you click on the icon for each rest area, you will see a window of information about the facilities which are available there.
      If this is your first trip to BC, we encourage you to check our traveller information website, DriveBC. We have road condition information and webcams which will keep you up to speed on highway conditions. We don’t have any information about gas stations along the way, but you could probably find more information like that with a quick google search. Our last bit of advice is give yourself plenty of time, so you don’t have to rush and enjoy!

  13. We are leaving from Langley BC for Terrace BC, in late June, via #1 to Cache Creek, to the 97 to Prince George, to the 16 Terrace. We are hauling a 34 foot 5th wheel, pulled by a GM Silverado Diesel truck. Is there enough places along this route to get diesel, especially on the 97? Would you please sent me a list of the rest areas along my route? Would you say this is not a bad route with our 5th wheel? Thank you for your response, Al.

    • Hello Albinas,

      Thanks for connecting with us here. Sounds like a great trip with your fifth wheel. We can’t say for sure if there will be diesel at each station along your planned route, but there will be plenty of gas stations to be sure. You might want to check in with Petro Can or Shell or the like and confirm the fuel they supply along the route. Our BC Rest Area interactive map shows plenty of rest areas along the way. If you zoom in on the map and click on the rest area icon, a pop up box will display details about the services available there. Lastly, we encourage you to check DriveBC for any road condition or delays that might impact your travel. Happy trails!

  14. Unfortunately although we are only 10 minutes outside of Lillooet we tend to be “out of sight, out of mind” to any gov’t agency when there is an issue in this area.I’m finding that the most frustrating aspect with this whole process is the inability to find any information, from anyone on who, how and where to address this concern.I did have a conversation with the area manager concerning this issue when it initially occurred and received absolutely no feedback or information from him. Could you please refer me to someone who is in a more senior position than our local area manager that I may contact in order to have a discussion with them concerning this issue.If I am writing to the wrong department you have my sincerest apologies, as I do not wish to clutter up your information page but when you don’t get to have a dialogue with the people in charge it becomes most frustrating. If you would, please point me in the right direction.
    Thank you

  15. Thanks for getting back to me about this. The motor home is parked on the right side of the highway heading towards Lytton on Highway 12, approx.71/2 kilometers from the junction heading into Lillooet. That would be heading south on highway 12. As of this Thursday it will be one month, continuously that he has been there. He does mining over the hill from where he is parked, my concern is the potential of him squatting there indefinately, encouraging others to do the same. I have read on your site that there is no overnight parking allowed in your rest areas which come equipped with waste disposal facilities and trash disposal cans, neither of which is located at this pullout. It is also an area that is frequented by tourists in the summer season, having a rest break and this is no longer possible.As I mentioned before, there is a nice campground just around the corner from where he is parked that is open year round and which contains the above mentioned facilities. Thank you again for responding to my email and I look forward to hearing from you again.

  16. Is it legal to camp on the side a public highway for extended periods of time, like a month or longer? What is the time limit if there is such a thing? There is a campground a very short distance from where this person is camping in a motor home and my concern is that he will be setting up camp for an indefinate length of time. No comment forthcoming from local Dept. of Highways.
    Thank you

  17. Hi
    We are travelling from Calgary to Vancouver and were wondering is there are any rest areas in b/w. As travelling with small children it would be great if such list is provided.

        • Gotcha! There are many rest areas between the two points and we encourage you to check out the link in our last comment and compare your planned route with the rest areas along it. BC Parks and BC Visitor Info centres also have rest areas for visitors. Hope that this helps. Have a great trip!

  18. A KMZ file of the pullouts would help us plan our trip. Please send one as soon as possible since we’re leaving in about 10 days. Thanks in advance.

  19. I’ll be travelling on highway 99 from Whistler to Lilloet in a 28 foot motorhome. I understand that the road is of the twisty windy sort and that there are some steep grades to negotiate. I’ve looked on the BC rest area website and it shows no rest areas along this section of highway. It seems that the only places to pull off the road to allow the brakes to cool are a couple of provincial parks. I would like to know if there are pull-outs along this highway where we can park the motorhome safely for a short while.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Our data shows that there are a handful layovers (or pullouts) traveling eastbound from Whistler to Pemberton which will accommodate your motor home and a couple along the shores of Duffey Lake (past Joffre Lake Provincial Campground). Hope that this helps. Our data files for pullouts are in KMZ format. If you would like us to send you a KMZ file to view on Google Earth, let us know and we can do that for you. Hope that this helps!

  20. HI



  21. Hi, thanks for the site and info you provide – it’s very helpful! We are planning a vacation through BC, Yukon and Alaska and are gathering information.

    Replying to Charles a bit above, you said “We have done some digging and have found that not all rest areas have “no camping” signs posted.” Where can I access a list of rest stops that do not forbid camping? We’d rather not camp in them (in our self-contained van) but it would be useful to know their locations in the event that need to drive late into the evening. I’d hate to arrive exhausted and find we can’t have a 6 or 7 hour sleep before continuing. Thank you.

    • Hi Ann,

      Thanks for your question. No camping signs are posted in rest areas which have had issues with overnight stays, but overnight camping is discouraged in all BC rest areas, regardless if there are signs or not. You are free to use any BC Rest Area to catch zzzz’s while you are travelling, but we try to discourage motorists from using rest areas for more than four hours at a time. Rest areas can be dark, secluded and remote which lead to safety concerns regarding those camping overnight. BC Parks have many campsites available to travellers day or night and we encourage you to camp overnight there. Hope this helps.

  22. When I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now whenever a comment is added I get four emails with the exact same comment. Is there a way you can remove me from that service? Kudos!

  23. You have stated that overnight camping is not allowed in rest areas, however I call your attention to BC Supreme Court case: S159480 where it was ruled that the homeless have the right to camp overnight in any public area as long as the camping structure(s) are removed by 9am the following day. As MOTI rest areas and truck yards are indeed public property, this ruling applies to them, and as such, there is a legal right for persons whom are homeless to camp overnight in them. The court never defined the qualifications for whom is or isn’t homeless, and it refused to define homelessness.
    By running people out of the rest areas for overnight camping, the MOTI is therefore in violation of this ruling.

    • Hi Charles,

      We have done some digging and have found that not all rest areas have “no camping” signs posted. Often they are posted when it’s found that longer-term camping is becoming a problem at a particular rest area. Rest areas can be dark, secluded and remote which lead to safety concerns regarding those camp overnight. Overall, in terms of overnight stays, rest areas were originally envisioned for motorists who are too tired to continue driving and need to pull over and rest for a few hours, but we don’t believe that those who are homeless are turned away. Alternatively, BC Parks campgrounds cover the province and are accessible day and night to travellers seeking inexpensive camping. Hope that this helps!

  24. Hello I was wondering if there is a list of the off the highway camp spots I remember there is on by Oliver and ok falls ,
    Also by summer land and peachland and have been trying to locate a list of other camping pullovers.
    I’m not really sure what they would be classified as. Cause there almost a cross between a rest stop and a campground.
    They usually have 4-8 spots to pitch a tent. Any clue to what I should be searching for would be appreciated

  25. Wondering why there are no rest rooms on Highway 97C on the Merritt to Kelowna side? There are 2 on the Kelowna to Merritt side. If you stop at the Info Centre (just outside Merritt) there is nothing until the next Info Centre near the end of this route – but more often than not, this place is closed, so not very helpful. At least one would be nice along the route 🙂

    • Hi Sandra,

      Thanks for connecting with us here! Our BC on the Move document identifies rest area development and enhancement as a high priority for British Columbians and we will be examining the needs along BC corridors, including this stretch of highway. Thanks and stay tuned!

      • Why is there no over nighting in BC. We travel extensively in the USA and have found VERY few rest stops that do not permit over nighting. When travelling in BC in the summer/fall season it is virtually impossible to get a campsite. Are you suggesting that it is better to drive tired for hours on end in the hopes that you may find a campground prior to having an accident or falling asleep? Why is there not a map of the rest areas that you can print out. With limited mobile service in many areas in BC and terrible signage advising of upcoming Rest Areas how is a traveler to ascertain where the nest stop is?

  26. We will be traveling in a 27′ motor home from Calgary to Victoria. We will have to stop and overnight about 600 kilometers west of Calgary. Where would we stop?

    Dunstan Briggs

    • Hi Dunstan,

      Kamloops is about halfway to Victoria — 619 km from Calgary. My experiences of driving between Calgary and Victoria are that Kamloops/Merritt area are about halfway there. (You’ll spend time waiting for the ferry at Tsawwassen to sail to Schwartz Bay.)

      Here is a link to our Rest Area Map: http://www.th.gov.bc.ca/restareas/ Overnight camping is not allowed in rest areas, but you can take breaks and snooze if you need to. BC Parks has many, many beautiful places to camp overnight, check them all out here: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/visiting/

      You might want to use the DriveBC Plan Your Route Feature just before you leave http://www.drivebc.ca/directions.html. It will give you a rundown of what’s along with way, including rest stops, road conditions and current and forecast weather.

      Safe journey!

  27. I am very disappointed to see actual picture of so called rest aras.
    It’s 3rd grade joke for Bc. Ab. Travelers. Bc residents pay lot’s of
    tax and see the trans Canada hwy ( not hwy only single road).it is
    such a shame fo Bc and trans Canada hwy authority. ..

  28. I want to know about the rest stops on way from Prince George to Kelowna I am travelling by Merritt and 97c connector

  29. We are planning a trip East bound to Sask. the first week of July and would really appreciate being able to get a copy of “The Provincial Rest Area Map”. We hope it is now available. “Thanks In Advance”!

  30. If traveling at night is there any issue with pulling over and sleeping at rest stops? Or what is the max stay allowed at rest stops?

    • Hi Dave,

      We encourage you to use rest areas to pull over and catch some zzzz’s while you are travelling, but try to discourage motorists from using rest areas for more than four hours at a time. Hope that this helps~!

  31. Any maps available yet? I am heading from Dawson Creek BC to Courtenay BC and have IBS. A map of which bathroom facilities are available would be perfect. Thanks

  32. Any map available yet ? I am heading from Dawson Creek BC , To Courtenay BC and have IBS. A map of which bathroom facilities are available would be perfect. thanks.

  33. I am glad to hear a list is being complied of the rest stops, unfortunately I will be needing a few along my route from Calgary to Abbotsford very soon.
    Could a list for that route be generated please 🙂

    also a suggestion, once the full list is ready, have someone compile it into a POI database for use with GPS devices. This would make it especially useful.
    Thank you

  34. Hello! We will be driving from Edmonton to Prince George in January. Are the BC rest areas on the Yellowhead open year round or do they close in the winter? Also, can you let us know where the rest areas are between Jasper and Prince George? Thanks in advance for your assistance!

    • Hello there! We are currently working on producing a rest area map for BC highways and hope to have it ready for the public in the next few weeks. Please check back in with us around the third week of August!

    • Hi Bonnie.

      Overnight camping is not allowed in rest areas. BC Parks has many campsites available to travellers and we encourage you to camp overnight there. You are allowed to rest in rest areas for a few hours at a time in order to refresh yourself during your travels, but you might be roused by maintenance contractors looking to ensure you are not camping overnight. Hope that this helps!

      • I’m going on a vacation soon heading from Medicine Hat, AB to Campbell River, BC. The same vacation I used to take with my parents growing up. There used to be a rest stop about mid way through the trip where I think the Park Bridge is now. That rest stop was more like a free campground that people could pull in with their trailers, spend the night, and move along in the morning. I think it got demolished with the construction of the new Park Bridge and it’s a real shame that you’re not allowed to spend the night at the new rest stop there now. Why was the old rest stop removed? FYI I’m going to take my chances spending the night in the new one anyway. If truckers can spend the night at their rest stops why can’t people pulling a camper. sleeping in a car, tenting etc spend the night.

        • Hi Darren,

          I’ve contacted the local operations manager to get some info on this for you. Keep you posted.

        • Hi Darren,
          Thanks for your comment. The rest area you’re referring to was the old Yoho Rest Area. This was a pull through site, hidden in the trees with two pit toilets, but this portion of Highway #1 no longer exists. With the construction of the new Trans Canada Highway alignment east of Golden, a new and upgraded rest area was constructed (aka the Kicking Horse Rest Area). Please check this one out on your travels.
          As for overnight “camping”, this was not permitted at the old Yoho Rest Area, although some travellers may have used it as such. Most rest areas in the province have a “please limit your stay to 8 hours” sign and many also have “no overnight camping”.
          Your analogy to a commercial truck driver sleeping in a rest area may seem similar, however commercial operators are bound by law related to driving hours. This isn’t so for travellers pulling trailers.
          Safe travels.

  35. Hi,
    Can you email me a list of rest areas with toilets on the Crowsnest Highway. Especially between Castlegar and Creston.

  36. Hello, we are travelling from Victoria BC to Edmonton Alberta, travelling the upper route through Jasper. Would you please send me a list of rest stops prior to July 12, 2013.

    Thank you very much!!

    • Hello Maureen,

      We apologize for not having rest area information more readily available for you, but we are working toward building a map with a comprehensive listing of designated rest areas and their amenities.

      For now we can only manually extract a list of rest areas that are under provincial jurisdiction. There exist many more that are provided by municipalities, by the federal government (such as in national parks) and even ones that are provided privately such as truck stops associated with large gas stations. Information about these others is not currently available to us.

      I am making a few assumptions about your trip. First I am assuming that your route will be hwy 1 to hope (Trans-Canada), hwy 5 to Kamloops (Coquihalla), hwy 5 to Tete Jaune Cache, thence Hwy 16 (Yellowhead) to Edmonton. Because of the nature of these routes, I have listed rest areas accessible only east and north bound up to Kamloops, assuming that rest areas in the opposite direction may not be accessible. North of Kamloops I’ve listed rest areas for both directions.


      I should also note that there are many other road side features such as pull-outs, scenic stops and such that do not qualify as designated rest areas. These are also not listed here.

  37. Could you provide a list of rest stop locations on HWY 5 north from Kamloops to Tete Juane Cache and then from there to the Alberta border on HWY 16?

  38. Just to let people know, I actually began producing my own map back in 2008. Unfortunately I moved away from bc, and I mostly have it on paper but I had put in about 25 rest areas between kamloops and Edmonton. You can find it on google maps – if you go to google maps then get to the “my maps” interface. Then search on “rest areas and washrooms between Vancouver and Edmonton”. You should be able to find my map. I am so surprised this still has not been done yet.

  39. You should publish a list of rest areas and their locations. You have all the information readily available in the road and bridge maintenance contracts in the service area inventories and the road features inventory. The rest area locations could also be put on a map. Don’t just tell us to use them; instead show them on a map

    • Thanks for the suggestion Brian. We are in the process of building a map of rest areas across the province right now and hope to have it ready for you to use soon. We will share it widely and freely when it is complete. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!

  40. You mention there are over 170 rest areas on BC Highways, but nowhere can I find a list of them or map of their location or info on how large they are and what facilities they have, etc. We are planning on travelling with a 30′ travel trailer so it will be important for us to know where we can stop en route, with adequate access etc. Is there a map of the rest stops you can provide, and details on facilities etc.?

    • Hi Shirley,
      We are currently working on producing just such a thing, however it is not quite ready. Sorry about that! If you wanted to let us know which highways you will be travelling on, we may be able to give you some information in the meantime. All of the rest areas we include in our inventory are defined as locations which have toilet facilities, however there may be other municipal and private “rest areas” or “pull outs” which will not be in our list. Hope that this helps!

      • I was also looking for a list of Rest Areas looking forward to seeing it- will it include Litter Barrel locations?

        • Hi Angela,

          We are currently working on a list which we are hoping to publish very shortly. We will be sure to let you know when it is live. Thanks for the comment!

          • My Newly Married Wife and I would also like to know of Rest areas that come with Washrooms posted on a Map so we know ahead of time where we could safely stop when it gets dark and spend the night in our trailer. No fun driving at night and missing all the great scenery!

      • Could you please forward me a list of rest spots from Vancouver to Osoyoos going the hope Princeton way. I have been looking everywhere. Surprised they aren’t listed online to help travellers. Thx

      • I would ‘second the motion” to produce a nice map, and maybe a mobile app for finding rest stops. I am somewhat surprised that at least my Garmin GPS also has not search category for rest areas.

  41. The rest stop at Welgress near Grand Forks BC can only be described as
    filthy and disgusting. We have stopped there twice in the last year and both
    times,have regretted it!!! I do not understand having the facility if it is
    not cleaned or maintained.

    • Hi Bren,

      We are sorry about that. We have forwarded your comment along to that area’s manager to ensure that it is brought to their attention and addressed. Thanks for letting us know and if you should have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know.

  42. Please put larger change tables in public restrooms. We have a little lady who is now 6 and needs to be changed if you are truly going to accomodate handicapped persons we need to be able to have a larger change tbale for them. Thanks Kristine Victoria B.C.

    • Hi there Kristine,

      Thanks for the feedback and we can certainly understand your concern. Did you visit a specific highway rest area in particular which was not equipped fully? Is there a specific type of table you require for changing?