Highway 101 is Making Room for Cyclists

The small communities of Sechelt and Davis Bay are nestled along the Sunshine Coast on Highway 101. The fair weather and beautiful scenery along this route encourage many residents and tourists to travel by bicycle.

New bike lane for Sechelt and Davis Bay cyclists

Highway 101 Stretches its Shoulders

To support that interest, we have recently widened a popular portion of the highway to allow cyclists to commute in safety, while sharing the road with motorists. As an added bonus, the wider shoulders benefit transit users too, making it easier for them to walk along the road to catch the bus.

When doing any project, we’re always looking at other opportunities. By widening the road and paving the shoulder, we were also able to upgrade our drainage system along portions of the highway from open ditch to piped drainage. This helps reduce the risk of flooding on the highway during those unfortunate times when the Sunshine Coast does not live up to its name.

Community feedback about the project has been positive. In fact, we are planning to continue the widening along other stretches of the highway in upcoming projects.

Small projects often have big impacts and in small communities such as Sechelt and Davis Bay, they can make a world of difference. And by widening and paving shoulders, we’re helping cyclists and pedestrians have a little more fun on the 101.

Want to find out more about cycling and what we’re doing to keep you moving? Check out Moving Cycling Forward and learn about our $31-million program for cycling infrastructure.

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