And the Customer Satisfaction Survey Says…

What do you think is important about highway services? Hold that thought and complete our 9th Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey is extended until August 12th, so you still have time. Help us create the future of highway safety in the province by telling us your opinion of our services this year.

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We Want to Hear from You…and You…and You…

Our Customer Satisfaction Survey is sent directly to all of the people that we have worked with over the past year, and asks for feedback on their personal experience with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s staff and services. Some examples of services the ministry provides are: Highway Signage, Winter Highway Road Maintenance, Pavement Line Marking and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement. The survey takes ten minutes online but, if you cannot take the electronic survey, our district staff can also conduct the survey in person. If you are interested in completing the survey in person, contact your district office to make arrangements. You can also access the survey here, or on other ministry websites like DriveBC.

Who are our clients?

  • General Public
  • Developers
  • Business/ Interest Groups
  • Emergency Services
  • Local Municipalities
  • Consultants
  • Commercial Highway Operators
  • Highway Construction and Maintenance

The results of the survey are compiled and reviewed for areas needing future improvement. Thanks to you, we have been able to focus our efforts into areas where you think we can improve. We have also been able to recognize staff for their excellent customer service. In fact, we annually award the highest scoring regional districts and departments as a result of this survey and many of our regional staff really enjoys trying to outdo other districts in the area of customer service.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey helps us confirm program and funding priorities across the province. So, step up to the computer, and let your voice be heard, we are listening and are only a ‘click’ away. By taking the survey and letting us know when we got it right for you, or where we might have missed the mark, you are helping build the road to progress and everyone likes that.

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  1. Is funding the only issue behind the lack of repairs to Highway 14 from Jordan River to Port Renfrew? I just can’t believe how bad it has gotten and nothing “can” or “will be done”. Why does the ministry reply on old data taken in the winter when the road is used by heavy logging trucks, RV’s, boat trailers and thounsands of motorcycles. Safety first is not a priority of the MoT in my eyes.

    • Hello Mr. Woodhouse,

      We passed your concerns about Highway 14 along to our district office and if you have not been in contact with someone already, you should be very shortly to discuss what is being done. Thanks for sharing your concerns.