Science and TranBC Part 1 of 2: A Highway That Talks to Your Vehicle?

Today and tomorrow, April 11 and 12, Prince George Civic Centre is hosting the Year of Science Expo where TranBC will be taking part in the exhibits and the career roundtable.

By working with leaders in the science and resource community, the two day Expo is intended to help raise awareness and promote a passion for science to better prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs

Science? Transportation? What’s the connection? After all, doesn’t TranBC mostly pave highways and build bridges? Actually there is a strong link, stronger than you may think. From the environment to engineering, science is integral throughout our organization.

Today, a driver has access to technologies such as GPS, digital mapping, sensors that can park your car, real-time traffic congestion mapping and that’s just a few. And, in the not so distant future, cell phone roaming signals will be used to measure traffic speeds and calculate congestion. How is that useful? Tie it to your car’s computer and your car will soon be telling you which route to take based on the congestion information it is receiving. This is not far off at all.

There are lots of ways science connects with transportation. Check back tomorrow to learn more and about the big event in Prince George. Who knows, we may tempt you to start a career in transportation and science.

Click here for Part 2 of our look at Science and transportation.

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