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The Shocking Case of the Porthole Peeper

“I was in a hurry.” That was the excuse a Vancouver Island driver gave when one of our CVSE officers stopped him on the Malahat for driving with a mere “porthole” of snow cleared from his windshield. The officer issued the driver a $368 fine and didn’t let him continue driving without clearing all the snow off his vehicle. When we tweeted the photo, many of you were shocked: What’s worse, this isn’t just a one-off occurrence. Surrey RCMP...

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The Tow Plow

A tow plow being pulled behind a plow truck

Clearing More Lanes If you’re driving in the Castlegar, Golden, or North Vancouver Island areas this winter, keep an eye out for the new tow plows being used by our maintenance contractor, Emcon Services. A tow plow is a trailer that attaches behind a traditional plow truck. The plow truck driver can angle the tow plow into the next lane, making it possible to clear two lanes in a single pass. While the trailer may look wide and difficult...

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